MODS® Donation to Oklahoma Tornado Victims

June 17 2013:
Last week, Brian Fezatte headed down to Union City, Oklahoma to help set up a MODS® unit that will be in place for a family of 5 until they are able to rebuild their home.  Along with Brian, two of our employees, John and Tom, drove the MODS® unit down to the Mulanax family. – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Here’s the unit ready to leave our manufacturing facility in Appleton, WI:

MODS ready to go to OK

Once we arrived, we were able to see first-hand just how devastating the damage had been:

Union City, Oklahoma donation 026

This is where the Mulanax’s home was.  There is nothing left but rubble and foundation.

This is the underground shelter in which the Mulanax family escaped the tornado.  While their house was destroyed, all five of them were able to survive the storm.

Union City, Oklahoma donation 021


We had some help setting up the unit – Fire Chief Kent Lagaly and Oklahoma State Representative Joe Dorman were present during the set up of the MODS® unit:

Union City, Oklahoma donation 032

We were glad that we were able to help the Mulanax family with providing a temporary shelter for them while they rebuild their home.  This unit will stay in place until their home is rebuilt, allowing them to live on-site while the renovations are taking place.

Union City, Oklahoma donation 099

Pictured above is Mark Mulanax, recipient of the MODS® unit, and Brian Fezatte, Marketing Business Development Manager for MODS® International.

Want to see more pictures?  Check them out on our facebook page!

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